in our week.

I’m linking up with Life Rearranged today for her InstaFriday.  A glimpse of our week through Instagram.  If you follow me on Instagram [I’m laurengmorgan] you’ve probably seen most of these.

We spent last week and started out this week with a sick baby.  He ran a fever of 104.6 for several days.  Bless his heart.

And then he started feeling better.  He played outside in the rain with daddy for awhile and that seemed to do the trick.

A little [emphasis on little] extra rest followed as he continued getting better.  He woke up with this awesome nap hair!  The picture doesn’t do it justice.

I found this little guy sitting with a pile of his daddy’s nuclear engineering textbooks from college.  He was just flipping through them.  Seems like they were more interesting to him than his baby books.  Baby genius on our hands.

We celebrated my momma’s birthday this week.  Happy birthday to my mom– the most wonderful mother!  I love you!

The new [and highly anticipated by me] Target opened yesterday and Jack and I were there.  The grand opening isn’t until Saturday, so it really wasn’t too crowded.  I was excited, Jack clearly was not.


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