the beach part II.

More pictures from our fabulous and much  needed time of rest.

There are 2 guys here who are very happy.

I was afraid my little man  might have some whiplash after I took him for a cruise on the bike.  I think he’s ok.  It’s hard to steer one of those things.

My mama– such a beautiful lady!

We were pretty excited to see 9 deer in this yard.  Living in Maryland, I saw deer all the time, but something about it in all other places of the world is really cool.

I love this bridge.  This was the view from the front of the condo.  I’m not one to get into nerdy engineering things– even though my husband is– but this bridge amazes me.  Maybe it’s because I’m just so thankful we don’t have to drive over the old Charleston bridge anymore.  Anyone else remember those old bridges?

My brother is one of my favorite people.  Always has been.  It was so fun to spend a week with him.  That hasn’t happened in a long time.

Jack learned the word “go” on this trip.  He would pop up from his nap saying “I go” or “go, go” and literally hit the ground running for the door.

A little horse and carriage ride.  Was really nervous how a 1 year old would do.  He did great!

If only pictures could do it justice, but the moon was incredible.  The way it reflects across the ocean is breathtaking.

Mom and Dad, thank you for taking us on the most fabulous vacation!  We love you!

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