Today I hosted a wedding shower for an old friend.  Yesterday, I was busy cleaning up our house, so I completely forgot to post my instagram pictures from this week.

Coming home from vacation means a huge mess in our house.  Eating dinner with a table looking like this was a little stressful, but we’re all good now.

This little guy has found a new hobby in pulling blankets and pillows off the couch, bunching them up on the floor, and laying on them.  Sometimes, he runs and dives into them.  And sometimes, he pretends to sleep.

This week’s CSA pick-up.  Lovin’ all this color!

Jack was inspired by the Olympics, so he did his own balance beam routine.  The routine was impressive… the dismount did not.go.well.

We’ve had a fun week!  We’ve all had a cold but we’re doing much better this weekend.  Tommy and Jack had a boys day while we had many women at our home.  The boys had a blast.  As Jack gets older he enjoys spending time with Tommy even more.

Happy Weekend All!


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