the line.

I’m sure that everyone who posts their thoughts online for the internet-world to see struggles with finding “the line”.  The line of what is appropriate to share and what is not.  If it were up to me, I would open up and share it all.  I used to live a life of holding in and pretending I didn’t feel the way I felt, but you know, God has changed me from the person I used to be and I’m so thankful for that.

So now, I share, I open up, I strive to talk about my struggles, where I am weakest.  Because it is then He can be strongest.

But sometimes, my struggles come from other places and other people, and I don’t have the rights to share those parts of the story, even my parts of those stories.  And that is where I am currently struggling.  If it impacts me, why can’t I share it?  It it helps me to share it, what’s the problem?  It’s part of my story.

Thank goodness for the slowing pace that the Lord sometimes lays on us or else who knows how many times I would have jumped into action before thinking about what I was doing.  Because when He slowed me, I realized my thoughts had a commonality.  Me.  All pointed back to me– how it affected me, how I felt, what was fair for me.  It’s in those moments I’m deeply humbled.

So while my brain wants to share details on here and work through the harder parts of life through words, my heart tells me to slow down.  Some things don’t belong on the internet after all.

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