when life gives you bananas.

Some times you just have an overflow of goodness in your life.  Fresh, ripe fruit that overflows into the season, making all things joyful.

Other times the fruit is harder to find.

We search and search for it.

Digging deep into our buckets…

to be met with disappointment when we see what is there.

Only the smallest pieces of fruit.

Then other times we have plenty of big fruit around, but we let it go bad.

For whatever reason it sits, untouched, only to turn a dark and ugly color.

But thankfully there’s beauty in the ugly.  When the old, gross, and overlooked is about to be thrown out, it is transformed into something beautiful and nourishing.

I feel as if this all parallels my summer season so well.  This summer has been all of the above – time of richness, growth, and the evidence of rich fruits in our lives.  We’ve had a blessed summer as a family of 3 with many joys to fill our hearts.  It’s also been challenging, dry, and seemingly emptying at others as we’ve walked a road of learning how to help and handle others in our lives.  I’ve seen lots of ugliness in myself this summer.  Dark spots in my heart that are full of sin and needed to be exposed.  It’s hard to imagine how those places will change, and while there’s still plenty of changing to do, I’m starting to see the banana bread that comes from the ugly.

Thankful for a season of growth where I’ve learned to make banana bread, whatever my fruit bucket may look like.


3 thoughts on “when life gives you bananas.

  1. ooo…banana bread! When my bananas get overripe, I just peel them and put them individually in a sandwich bag, mash each one up, and then put the sandwich bags in the freezer. I take 2 of them out when I am ready to make banana chocolate chip bread. Super easy, but make sure you label it. If you don’t, you may find yourself cleaning out the freezer one day saying, “what is this science project?”

    • thanks for the great advice! i’ve put overripe bananas in the freezer before, but i just stuck them in there as they were so it made for really gross/messy problem when i was ready to use them. i love having things prepared ahead of time, especially if it involves organizing it in sandwich bags 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

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