how to serve your friends healthier options.

The other night I had some friends over for a sweet time together.  I wanted to fix some sweet treats for them, but then I thought that while sweet treats are awesome [which they totally are, and I did have those] I could probably serve them something that is better for them in so many ways.

I could easily give them something sweet to please their taste buds, but what if I went a step further and served them something that was good for their bodies?

5 Tips for Serving Your Friends Healthier Options:

1.  Serve them water.

I used to think that I had to offer fun, exciting, or even just sugary beverages to be a good hostess.  Now I’m thinking, maybe being a good hostess has nothing to do with what I have to drink.  And on top of that, what if I am being a good friend by giving my friends water- the healthiest option.

2.  Make fruit an option.

Set a healthier option out beside the super sweet goodies.  Some people may not want super sweet or may be watching their calories.  Giving people options allows them to make healthy choices for themselves.

3.  Presentation can help anything look appealing.

Visually appealing presentations make fruits and veggies look more appealing.

4.  Remember less is more.

I used to think a huge spread of food was necessary when having friends over, but I’ve learned that’s just not so.  For one thing, my friends are still going to love me if I have out 1 food or 6.  And B, having fewer foods out, allows for less temptation for someone on a diet.  It also eliminates that “I need to try some of everything” mentality so many of us have.

5.  Encourage healthy habits.

This one’s not so much about serving, as it is about supporting.  I can’t even begin to count how many times someone has said to me “I shouldn’t eat this, I’m watching my weight” or something similar.  And how many times in response I’ve said something like “Oh, it’s ok, you deserve it”  or “Just this one ______ [fill in the blank — brownie, cookie, piece of cake] is ok”.  I used to think I was being good to my friends, to people, by having responses like that.  Turns out, I was feeding into their struggles and being the opposite of helpful.  For someone who’s been working hard to lose weight, they don’t “deserve” to mess up their hard work for 10 seconds of enjoying a brownie.  Next time I’m in that position, I’m going to respond better.  I’m going to tell them that I’m proud of their hard work.  That I’m proud that they see the big picture and know that that brownie’s not worth it.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll follow their example and skip the brownie, too.  Maybe.

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