Yesterday we had the most fun day.  I love spending my days with my boy.  LOVE.  And it’s even better once the bigger boy man gets home from work.

I was all about the camera yesterday.  Well, camera phone, so these aren’t great quality pictures.  But, I was capturing our moments, which I treasure.  Being able to look back and remember how I was feeling yesterday is priceless to me.

Sweet, sleepy head always always makes my heart stand still for a moment.  Jack is loving his new golf clubs from his Pops.  He had a blast impressing us with his skills.  While this series of pictures is blurry and out of focus, the focus on him made his heart so happy.  These faces, these expressions of pure joy, are ones I won’t soon forget.

We had a little after-dinner family date at Chickfila for some ice cream.  This is one of the few, if not only, places I can eat ice cream out because of my food allergies, so it is a BIG treat for me.

And was the perfect sweet treat to wrap up our day.  Yesterday, a day full of sweet, heart-filling moments.

2 thoughts on “yesterday.

    • thank you, Stephanie! you’re so right. i hope to get better at my picture taking but i’m just happy to have these moments captured.

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