planning ahead to stay ahead.

I have learned 2 things as a mother.

1.  My son is awesome.

2.  Planning ahead is key.

Ok, so I’ve probably learned more than 2 things.  It’s likely that I have.

Point #1:

Point #2:

Planning ahead makes me breathe easier, makes life go smoother, and seriously is worth the extra effort.  I plan my weekly menus ahead of time.  If I don’t, we end up eating out because I freeze like a deer in the headlights at 3:30-4 when I realize I have no clue what I’m doing for dinner.  But if I plan ahead of time, I’m good to go.

I also try to plan ahead for Jack food.  In general, I try not to make a dinner for him and another for us.  It doesn’t always work, but I like for us to all eat the same foods.  But for lunch and snacks, planning ahead for him is KEY!

I spent 5 minutes quartering grapes for Jack, and now there are several containers that I can easily grab out of the fridge when we need them.  It makes it so much easier than rummaging through the fridge for something right in that moment of hungry toddler-ness.

It also helps me to have easy to grab snacks and lunches.  The other day I was able to reach in and pull out these 2 containers, which had black beans in one and fruit in the other, for a nice Jack lunch.  Easy, peasy.

How do you plan ahead?  Does planning ahead work for you?


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