we threw a shower.

Our sweet neighbor-friend from childhood got married in July.  Her parents live across the streets from my parents, so we all grew up together.

My sister and her were like twins when we were little.  And apparently still are to this day since they wore the same dress to the shower.

My lovely sister and the lovely bride. 

We had such a sweet time celebrating the soon-to-be marriage of a great couple.  We wanted things to be simple and went with that for our planning.

What is more simple and beautiful than hydrangeas?

My mother-in-law so graciously let us snip all of these from her yard.  I loved the centerpiece my mom put together with a bunch of hydrangeas.  Simple.  Beautiful.  We had mason jars with hydrangeas in them scattered throughout the house, too.

We made a simple banner to decorate the mantle.

We served simple food- chicken salad croissants, pimento cheese sandwiches, guacamole, fresh fruit salad, water with lemons and limes, and punch.

It’s become quite the tradition on our street to have a “street shower”.  Now that all of us kids are grown-up, it provides a good opportunity to catch up and celebrate with people who have known us most of our lives.

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