there’s always something new at the knoxville zoo.

I will probably never forget the song “there’s always something new at the Knoxville zoo.”  I remember it from so many commercials from my childhood.  It’s engrained on this brain, so I sing it to my family now.  They know I’m crazy.


We finally took Jack to the zoo.  We have been wanting to forever and finally did it.  We’ll be going back a lot, too- little man loved it.  Although it was pretty obvious that he liked looking at all the kids more than the animals.  Whatever works– it still wore him out.


Tommy had to literally hold Jack back from running at every animal.  Kid was excited.


It looks here like Tommy is holding Jack up helping him walk but no he’s holding him back from attacking the poor animals.


Jack tried to break every petting zoo rule– he ran after the baby chickens, grabbed the horns, pulled on the goats.


And after he finished brushing this goat, he used the brush to brush his own hair.  Awesome.  That’s not gross at all.


Thankfully he liked washing and drying his hands.  That’s my kind of adventure.


The penguins!!!




And a new buddy.



We had a fun, fun day at the zoo.



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