our week in instagram.

I still love Instagram.  It’s such a great way to share what’s going on and to remember the little moments that I don’t have my big camera for.  If you’re on Instagram, follow me– I’m laurengmorgan

I’m linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged for her InstaFriday again this week.

So this week…

We had a full week and a fun Labor Day weekend.  Hope you all did, too!  It was so nice to have a low-key, slow-moving LONG weekend.  I think we were spoiled.

We had a fun dinner out with my sister and her boyfriend.  Clearly Jack is the 3rd wheel in this picture.

Tommy’s worked at his job for 10 months now.  It’s about time I paid a visit to the town where he works that’s an hour away.  Hello cooling towers.

Pops new toy.  Looks like Jack’s room at Nan and Pops is no longer just his own.

Mr. Cool.  He’s been wanting to wear his dad’s shades all the time lately.

Late night cuddling on Dada’s lap.  This hardly ever happens.  So sweet.

Our kid loves black beans.  Mouth full of ’em.  He’s a mess.

There’s no one I’d rather be road-tripping with than this guy.  And by road-tripping I mean making the drive that he makes every day to work.  It’s a long way– more props to you, hubs.

My favorite.

Happy weekend!
life rearranged


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