gettin’ ready for fall.

School has started.  The days are getting shorter.  The weather is getting cooler.

Fall is coming!

In honor of fall’s arrival, I took down our summer wreath today and put up a welcome to fall.

We’re ready!

5 thoughts on “gettin’ ready for fall.

  1. Ah ha! You have given me inspiration for my door. I love fall and was wondering what I was going to put on my new door this year. And…I have a brown door, too. I think I will use acorns on mine. I will probably use items I already have on hand. It’s very pretty. I love it!

    • oh ya! thank you! acorns sound awesome. using things you have on hand is definitely the way to go. this is really my first attempt at being crafty — it was fun. i’d love to see what you come up with!

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