we did it.

We survived BACK TO WORK week.  I have taken a position at a local hospital working just as needed.  It will be good for me to stay current in the field of nutrition but won’t take me away from my sweet little boy too much.  Last week I started training and we all survived the new transition.  We ate out 2 out of those 3 nights, despite my best efforts to plan ahead, and had a mini-meltdown on Friday night [Jack and me].  I wasn’t sure I’d survive the days without my little sidekick but I did.  Who knew everything would be ok without me here running it?  🙂  Guess the world doesn’t revolve around me after all.


We had a fun weekend hanging out.  We were all pumped for the big Tennessee/Florida game.  Jack was wearing his Little Vol shirt, doing his Big Orange cheers.  My mom, sister, and I checked out some of the downtown excitement on Saturday morning.  We were pumped.  First half went well and then it all fell apart.  Disappointing.



In other news, I’ve had some technical difficulties with the blog lately, so I apologize for weird posts that pop up and then come down.  And half written posts.  I will get it taken care of.



Thanks for being here.  Thanks for reading.  Happy Monday to you!



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