in a pinch.

Now that I have started working a little bit again I’m having more of those “in a pinch” moments.  You know those ones where you had big ideas for dinner but it just won’t work.  Or maybe you have no ideas for dinner, it’s already 5:30, baby is hungry, husband walks in hungry, and there’s no way you’re going to pull together something decent for dinner.  Yeah, that’s more like my “in a pinch” moment.


We ended up going with a frozen pizza on one of those nights.  I try to add something of healthy value when we have pizza night.  Maybe it comes from my mom who would always make us eat salad with our pizza whenever we ordered pizza when we were little.  This time I took the approach of adding healthy value to the pizza.  We had an awesome tomato from the farmers market that I cut up and put on the pizza before I baked it.



Hello color.  Hello nutrients.  Hello delicious.


It does nothing to take away fat and calories but at least we got some good nutrients in with our pizza.  Better than nothing!

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