random wednesday.

Several random thoughts running together for today’s post.  So much randomness.

First — my very.favorite.show.by.far. is Parenthood.  I’ve been hooked since the beginning.  I’ve seen every episode multiple times.  You know how people say things like this so that you know that they like the show more than anyone else and are a super fan?  Yes, that’s why I’m saying this.  I’m hardcore.

So back to this new season.  Oh my.  Last night’s episode brought tears again.  EVERY WEEK, I tell ya.  Here’s what I love about the show.  It’s real.  People aren’t just happy living dreamy, tv lives.  It’s real.  It’s hard.  It’s joyful.  It’s got conflict, resolution and all in between.  People talk over each other like crazy.  It’s real.

If any of you are fans here are  my questions—  did you cry last night?  Isn’t the Julia/Victor relationship shaping up beautifully?  But the bigger, looming question — How can this be?  I feel like Christina is my best friend and I’m in shock that this is happening.  Anyone else?  Am I crazy?

B.  Ever been really sure about something and then realize it’s not the perfect plan you came up with?  Besides that happening often, it really smacked me hard in the face this week.

#3.  Tonight felt like FALL Y’ALL.  I recently wrote about my fall is coming excitement showing my new fall door decoration.  Tonight I’m a step further to my fall excitement.  We played outside for an awesome while tonight enjoying the amazing weather.  Think COOL, breezy, and slightly chilly.  That’s right.  Hello low of 48!

#4.  Little man and I had a sweet, sweet day together.  Most days are sweet but this one was especially so.  When Jack was a newborn we would be up and down throughout the night and as the typical day started out I would do all I could to just stay above water.  But around 4 pm each day, I would realize that the day was winding down and so was my time with him for that day.  I would treasure those evening hours, trying to get each moment out of them.  Then as I laid him down to sleep at night, I would thank him and God for such a sweet day, and be caught up in a moment of both intense joy and a slight saddened tug on my heart that I had to say goodnight to him.  Even though I knew I’d see him in 2-3 hours.  That’s newborn love.

Last night one of those moments caught me by surprise.  Jack’s still so sweet, but with a toddler those moments are more few and far between than they used to be.  Tommy was working late, so there was no evening diversion for Jack.  [He loves seein his daddy in the evenings for some serious play and love time].  Jack was especially tired, so we headed outside for some fun.  Somewhere in between there and bathtime, pjs, stories, and bedtime that moment of intense joy and a saddened heart returned.  I am blessed by that.

So here are my thoughts to leave you with today:

I hope the weather is just as beautiful where you are.

Please tell me someone else is hooked on Parenthood, too??  And by hooked, I mean sitting on the couch, compulsively rewinding over and over, shoving cookies in your mouth, and crying.  Just me?


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