this week.

Starting off the weekly recap with this picture just sums up our awesome week.  I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with Jack this week, and it’s been so fun.  He is seriously the funnest, sweetest, most easy-going, happiest little guy ever.  He is a true joy to be around.  Before I had Jack I never could have imagined actually having fun spending the day with a toddler.  Now I can’t imagine spending my days any other way.  These are the funnest days I’ve ever had.

Little people portions make me smile.

“Mama, please let me outsiiiidddeeee!”

Playground date with my favorite little man on an evening when Daddy’s working late.

Me in heaven.  He sat in my lap and we watched Wheel of Fortune– one of his favorite shows, seriously.  So cuddly.

New tub toys to turn our tub into a jungle.

The perfect view – I was sitting on the couch watching the boys chase each other and rough house and looked up to see this view of the moon.

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