16 months and counting.

Jack Thomas, you are 16 months old!  We can hardly believe the time has passed so quickly and how much of a little boy you are now.

You are so fun.  Every day, every week, you get to be more fun.  You are full of life and make our hearts swell and our mouths explode with smiles so many times a day.  We love you so so much dearest boy!

Your favorite things:

–  Playing outside

–  Being on the go

–  Eating, especially holding something and taking bites out of it

–  Watching big kids play & you’re starting to want to play with them

–  You’ve started interacting with kids your age more- it’s fun to watch you play with little friends

–  Being a little helper around the house — you love to bring us your shoes, put clothes in the hamper, throw things away.

–  Seeing people playing instruments on the street.  You ALWAYS stop to dance.

What you say a lot:

–  Go, go, go

–  This? [When you want us to tell you what something is]

–  Car [a lot, you LOVE cars!]  Airplanes and helicopters are cars, too, to you

–  Cracker

–  Juice

–  And of course Dada and Mama
When you are ready to go somewhere you run to the door and bang your hands on it saying “go, go, go”.

When we ask you if you’re ready to go you take off running.  You love to go shopping and sit in the cart.  You love when people say hi to you.

When we ask for a kiss you put your hand to your mouth and say “muah”.  It melts me EVERY.TIME.

Happy 16 months sweet boy.  All our love,

Mama & Dada

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