our week.

This week was awesome.  Busy.  Crazy.  Full of newness and changes.  Good week.

Delightfully cool outside!  Hello 60 degree days.  Hello fall.

My boys are best friends.  It’s the best.  PS- check out Jack’s eyelashes.  Ohhh I love them!

I gave Jack a chocolate donut to each in the car while we were driving home the other day.  When we got home I opened his door to get him out to find this mess.  I figured with donut all over him he’d at least be happy.  Apparently not.

Lunch date with daddy thanks to some downtown training.  This never happens.  Ya for special occasions!

Jack LOVES the people who play music on Market Square [or anywhere really], but he is totally amazed by people standing and playing their instruments.  He feels the beat in his whole body and he demands to be near it.  After we had lunch with daddy, he took off running towards to music men.  We’d like to have never dragged him away from there 20 minutes later.

We survived day 1 of preschool!  I took this pic as soon as we got home from preschool.  He was so happy!  He seemed to have a great time and things went really well with his first day.  So proud of my big boy.

Piggy-back ride to wrap up the evening play time.  Jack’s favorite way to ride.

Winning lunch at Tomato Head.  Delicious salad… great company.

Playin, playin with Aunt Lindsay.  So much fun.  We’re thankful for family time on the weekends.

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