when life slows down.

After more than a week off of blogging, I am back.  I took a sick week last week.  It became one of those times where I quickly learned I can’t do it all, and life slowed down.  The getting it all done became just getting through the day.  The cooking good, healthy meals became a feed yourself, good luck, don’t forget Jack, kind of thing.  The laundry piled and piled up.  The floors were dirty.  Cheerios and Goldfish decorated the upstairs.  It was a lesson in appreciating help from family and enjoying the gift of life.  Even though I hate being sick, I really do appreciate the reminder to slow down.  Enjoy life.  Take care of my family.



In the meantime, Jack started preschool!  He loves it and has been doing really well.  This morning he cried for the first time when we left him.  The first 3 days he did great, today he was sad.  Here are a few pictures from his first day of preschool:


I wanted to get a picture of him with his lunchbox, but he was too fascinated by it to stand with it in hand.



Standing up big and tall for 1st day of school picture.



Say “cheese”.  Sweet, smiley, preschooler.



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