17 and counting.

Jack Thomas, you are 17 months old today.  Where has the time gone?




We love that we get to spend our days with you.  You make life so much fun.


Some of the words you say:



Car — favorite word!





“I go” when you are ready to go somewhere.

“Dada”  ALL DAY LONG.  And every variation of it.  You say it in several different ways meaning:  “Where is Dada?”  “Is Dada going to come up here and get me up from my nap?”  “Why is Dada at work?”  “When is Dada coming home?”  “Can Dada play?”  “Dada’s shoes.”  “Dada’s shirt.”

In fact, today you wore a shirt that looks like one of your daddy’s dress shirts and you pointed to it and said “Dada”.  You LOVE your Dada!

Lately you’ve been interested in naming the people you love in your life.  You point to your daddy and say “Dada”.  You point to me and say “Mama”.  You really want to call your grandparents by name but can’t say them just yet.  You’ll get there though!  You point to them and say something; it’s hard to say Nan, Pops, and Grandma.  You did say something that sounded like Lindsay (or some variation of it) to your Aunt Lindsay the other day.  Still working on Uncle Bud, too.

Your favorite things:

Playing outside

Riding in the red wagon

Pushing the red wagon

Pushing toys around outside

Singing and dancing


Spinning in circles

You love going to preschool and have so much fun there!

Happy 17 months sweet boy.  We love you!

Your Mama and Dada


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