take a helping of my own advice.

There have a been a few times in my adult life where I’ve needed my nutrition knowledge for myself.  Right now is one of those times.

I’m having gallbladder problems, I think.  I had my most recent attack a week ago, and it was miserable.  So I sought out some help.  My Dr. sent me to have some tests done, so we’ll see how those turn out, but in the mean time she told me I need to eat a very low fat diet and that I’d know what to do.

Honestly, I didn’t think it’d be too hard for me.  I really eat a generally low fat diet anyway, but right off the bat I started having some dilemmas.  My doctor’s office is downtown.  Also downtown is a Zaxby’s [the food love of my life].  Since I don’t make it downtown very often these  days I plan it out to take advantage when I’m down there.  In fact, my doctor’s office has a West location which is much closer to my house, but I choose to schedule my appointments downtown so I can go to Zaxby’s.  Do I have problems?  Maybe.

So I called Tommy as I was leaving telling him I had a big dilemma.  He thought it was something medical and serious.  But no, I needed to know whether I should have Zaxby’s or not.  He  only laughed at me.  He wasn’t much help.

So I stopped by my mom’s office.  She works in the hospital where I had my appointment.  I told her my dilemma.  She said just don’t eat the fries.  Oh mom…  the fries dipped in the Zaxby’s sauce is my favorite part.  Meanwhile, it was Pharmacy Week and they were having a lunch so she had a crockpot set up in her office to keep warm the macaroni and cheese she had made.  Paula Deen recipe.  People.  Talk about fat.  I sat there right next to that pot of mac and cheese and just stared it down.  The last time mom made this was 5 years ago.  Small tragedy, actually.  It was for Thanksgiving and she made a ton of it.  The leftovers stayed in the crockpot and the whole thing went in the fridge.  The next day my little brother went to get it out and dropped the crockpot.  The lid shattered, thus sending glass shards into the macaroni and his legs.  We had to bandage him up but I swear he was more upset about losing the macaroni.  So needless to say, this macaroni is rare and special.  But I didn’t eat it.  I ever so perfectly followed my low fat diet restriction and left the mac and cheese behind.  And then went to Zaxby’s.  Compromise though– I only ate half the Zaxby’s and brought the rest home for Tommy.

This was last Wednesday.  Since then I’ve been faced with the low-fat conundrum several times.  Warm brownie, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup.  Crap.  Mom cooked country ham yesterday.  Country ham.  Hello favorite food.  Hello awesome memories from childhood.  Hello deliciousness.  PS- if you don’t live in the south and are judging me now— come down here and I’ll show you good food.  Hershey bars out for Halloween.  Sunchips– did you know they have fat in them??

I didn’t eat the brownie and ice cream.  I really wanted something sweet.  So instead I got up and got myself some applesauce.  True story.

I couldn’t resist the country ham, and I don’t feel bad about it.  Good news was I didn’t have a gallbladder attack last night.

I’m eating a true serving size of Sunchips.  Never really done that before.

Last night Tommy fixed us up a very healthy very, very low-fat dinner.  It was delicious, filled my belly, and met my health needs.   Great thing about it was that it’s something we have every fall anyway.  I was encouraged that I do like low-fat foods 🙂

Mashed sweet potatoes.

Amazing acorn squash.  He does this every fall and it is so so good.  Very sweet, very satisfying.

[sorry for the terrible picture. i was too excited about eating it to take a picture of it before i dug it out of the skin.]

Fresh salad.  I choose the low-fat dressing, too.

14g of fat in the Ranch vs. 4.5 g of fat in the Italian.

Reading back through this, I realize it looks like I always eat high fat foods, and I don’t.  But I REALLY enjoy my favorite high fat foods, so it’s been hard to turn them down– even when I know it’s for my health.  Another way I’m learning to see more like my patients do.  It’s easy to know what’s right– it’s hard to choose those things.

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