For the last year and a half, God has really been cultivating a spirit of thankfulness in me.  He has taught me and opened my eyes so much during that time to see how important it is to be THANKFUL.

I, like many others, am taking on this season of Thanksgiving to be thankful and to recount our blessings.  Big blessings, little blessings, daily blessings.  November is a month full of promise, expectation, and as a start to the Holiday Season it is a time that I want to focus my heart on the right things.

Today I recount just some of the blessings, some of the things to be thankful for over the last 18 months.

1.  Jack Thomas Morgan.  A precious child entrusted to us 17 months ago.

2.  The promise of God providing even before Jack’s arrival.

3.  The healing of our Jack when he was critically sick.

4.  Months of learning new roles and a new person.  Months of growth.

5.  The gift of a new job for me.

6.  The gift of a new job for Tommy– back HOME!

7.  The blessing of realizing true friendships that had been formed in a land away from home as we said goodbye to Maryland and DC friends.

8.  Moving back home!  Nothing sweeter than being close to family and the beauty that is East Tennessee.

9.  Thanksgiving in the beautiful land of Colorado.

10.  Celebrating Christmas with a little one for the first time, being back home with family, and truly celebrating with joy and thanksgiving.

11.  The sale of a home, even if it ripped us to pieces in the process.  Thankful for the sale.

12.  The providing and purchase of a new home.  A place to set our roots.

13.  A garage.  We have a garage and it’s a much appreciated step up from the sheds we used to have.

14.  Getting moved here by the company.  Pure blessing.

15.  Surviving 7 ear infections in year 1 of Jack’s life.  So thankful for this!

16.  Really thankful for doctors, surgeons, and tubes being put in our one year old’s ears.  A glorious aspect of medicine that has blessed our family.

17.  A one year old!  How that year went by so fast, I’ll never know, but each day just gets sweeter and sweeter.

18.  Walking, running, and playing all the time.  Thankful for a full-of-life toddler in our lives.

19.  A new job for me full of kind co-workers.

20.  Lessons in money, budgeting, and God providing.

21.  Little blessings each day, that we remember to be thankful for.

22.  Family supporting us always.  Always taking care of us.

23.  Special days to celebrate as a family and just have a good time.  Thankful for the fun we had on Halloween.  I love seeing the joy on kids faces, the neighborhood bustling with excitement, and that sugar rush high that leaves you going to bed so happy.

4 thoughts on “thankfulness.

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