a weekend.

Our perfect weekend is a combination of doing and rest.  Making progress.  Getting things done.  Spending time with people.  Eating good food.  And resting.  That’s what we had this weekend, and it was a great one.

I went to Tinsel and Treasure with my mom and sister on Saturday.  Count me in for anything Christmasy, plus spending time with some of my favorites.

We all 3 left with a pair of these shoe inserts.  They got us.  Yes, the ones advertised for senior citizens.  We’re proudly rocking them now.

A NUT FREE bakery.  I was all about this!  They ship their cakes, so you can be sure that I will support a company that is careful and aware of food allergies.

Lisa Foster Floral Design is my absolute favorite florist– not to mention favorite people.  She and her husband have been so good to us.  They made our wedding BEAUTIFUL!  I was so excited to see they had a booth set up, and it was the busiest booth there, too!  This sweet candle came from them– I can’t wait to stop by their shop to pick up some more.  These smell amazing.

Lindsay loves all things soft and comfortable.  She’s the one who got us to the shoe insert booth.  And the pillow booth.  And the massage booth.  And the hot/cold pain reliever booth.  And she bought this scarf, I’m pretty sure solely so she could use it as a neck pillow.

Looks good on her, too, though!


30.  Girls day with my mama and Linny checking out some great things and some just plain funny things.

31.  Jack’s developing personality which pops out more and more.  Watching him walk around in my big shirts makes me laugh so hard.

32.  The awareness of how we act every day.  Thankful for the reminder of this in the form of a 32 inch little person who mimics everything we do.

33.  Time with my family.  Family dinner = one of my favorite things.  Add in good food, and it’s perfect!  Thankful for weekly family dinners.

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