election day.

I have read facebook posts for the past weeks  no months that are politically-driven.  I, like everyone else, have seen tweets, commercials, signs, arguments, debates, and countless news broadcasts about this candidate or that one.  About this issue or that one.  I, like probably most everyone else, am ready for it to all be over.

I’ve heard some really wise words come out of all of this, and those are what I choose to listen to.  I wanted to skip writing about today.  I’m not that into politics, and I’m definitely not into the quarreling and bickering that’s been going on.  I stay back from it all.  I voted, and I do strongly believe in why and who I voted for, but I’m not here to rant on that.  I won’t do that in any public forum.  What I will do is watch SOME of the coverage today.  Pray for whoever our country elects, and the other person, too, because I can’t imagine what their families are going through.  And I will remember, as our Pastor reminded us on Sunday, that God is Sovereign.  No matter what.  So whether our country is in a mess tomorrow, in January, or in 4 more years, or whether all of our problems are solved [right? 🙂 ], God is still Sovereign.

37.  Today I am thankful to be an American, for the right to vote, and the resiliency of our country.

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