sometimes you just don’t feel good.

Sometimes you just gotta pitch a fit.

In Target.

With new toy in hand.

Snacks galore.

Even your first Icee in the cart with you.

But you just don’t feel good, so you pout and wiggle and put up a fight.

I was frustrated.  I understood he was sick and I felt so bad for him, but I had given him everything I could.  We had just been to the pediatrician, and we had to get the prescription for his antibiotic filled.  We had to so he could start getting better.  But how do you explain that to a 17 month old?

I bought him snacks and drinks and then handed over my Icee to him when that was what he wanted.  He was still unhappy, so we went to play with toys.  He found one he liked, but couldn’t just play with it as it was, so we had to take it out of the box– we had to buy it.  It worked for about 1 minute.

But this is so me.  I think about so many times, so many times, where I have everything I could possibly need and then some, but I’m still grumpy, pitching a fit, for what I think is best for me.  For what I think is freedom.  I think I see the big picture.  I think I know the plan.  But I am like the little one in the shopping cart waiting.  I may not know or understand why I’m waiting, but there’s purpose to it that I just can’t get yet.  And I’m thankful that He keeps me in line, even when I pitch a big, ol’ fit.


34.  Medicine to bring healing to little ears that are infected.

35.  Patience that is often lacking in me, but pours out in abundance from others in my life.  Thankful for the example they set for me and how their patience doesn’t grow weary.

36.  The company of my little buddy.  Even as a grump, he’s still my favorite companion.  I hope I’m still his favorite companion, even when I’m a grump.  [Or 2nd favorite, I’m not gonna pretend daddy isn’t #1]


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