the best mornings.

Y’all, literally, I’ve had some of the best mornings I can ever remember lately.  They have been loving, unhurried, and restful.  That is like the opposite of what my mornings always were.

I have always struggled in the morning.  I have always hit snooze 1 million times every morning.  I have always hated to get out of bed.  In fact, just the other day, we were remembering the time dad poured cold water on me.  Mom and Dad [although mostly Dad because Mom usually went in to work way before the rest of us were up] woke me up for school every single day for as long as I can remember.  My alarms never got me up, and I didn’t care to get up until the last.possible.minute.  Every day.  At one point in high school, Dad had been particularly frustrated, and understandably so, about my laying in bed and ignoring the wake up calls.  So he gave me a warning– he said tomorrow I’m going to wake you up and if you don’t get up I will pour cold water on you.  I laughed and said ok because I never really thought he’d do it.  The next morning, sure enough he had to come in multiple times to get me up.  After the 4th attempt, he said Lauren if you don’t get up I’m coming back to pour cold water on you.  Again, I ignored because I never actually thought he’d do it.  Next thing I know a slow drizzle of very cold water is being poured on me, and I’m up in no time.  It worked.  He was right.  I was shocked but couldn’t be mad because he had given me every fair warning, and really I was taking advantage of him by pushing it as much as I did anyway.

That’s the kind of morning person I am.  Tommy got used to it and would either bug me til I woke up [a very effective approach– you can only tune out incessant talking for so long].  Or he’d leave me alone until I made my way out of bed.  Fortunately for him, he didn’t have to deal with that for too long since Jack was born the day after our 2nd anniversary.

Having a baby has changed my mornings.  Hear that, Dad?   There is no option anymore.  I can’t just lay in bed.  If I do, Jack screams.  It’s so unpleasant when I’m trying to sleep.  I mean, that’d be a terrible parenting move to lay in bed when your child needs you.  So at some point in the last 17 months– and it was definitely closer to the first 3 months or so– I started waking up easily.  I started getting out of bed in the mornings at first alarm or first cry.  No repeats needed.  Now, some days, I even wake up before Jack, get up and get going before he does.  Who is this person I’ve become?  What has motherhood done to me?

The blessing I have in getting to be a stay-at-home mom is that our mornings, for the most part, aren’t hurried.  There’s not too much rushing around, and for this season of my life, I’ll take the slow pace of the mornings.  I know it won’t always be this way, and the rest of my day is usually anything but slow, so for now, I cling to these mornings.

I love that Jack is doing a good job with the fork and spoon.  It’s messy and far from perfect but it’s a work in progress, which I am too, so I understand.

Oh and when I said he’s good at the fork and spoon, I meant he throws them on the floor and resorts to the hand because it’s faster.

May your mornings be restful and joyful and set the pace for your day ahead.


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