a year later.

A year ago last Monday we loaded up our baby stuff, our dogs, and ourselves and hit the road.  We finished our last days at work the day before.  Our house went on the market the day before that – just as we finished up some last minute projects.  It had all happened so fast.  Within 5 weeks of the job offer, we were moving.  We purged our house of our clothes and whatever things we’d need in the short term, and we left the house in “showing condition”.  We left all of our stuff there that made it our home, but took the essence of our home with us.

We left early that morning with our 5 month old, and headed to our new, old home in Tennessee.  We said goodbye to lots of sweet friends in Maryland, and looked forward to being with our family and friends in Knoxville.  It was truly bittersweet.  Today as I think about our move, it feels like we’ve barely been here.  I still feel connected to many of our Maryland friends — I guess that’s a sign of true friendship.  It feels like we’ve been apart for a short while but could pick right back up where we left off.

It feels like we were never away from our family.  Sometimes I forget that we were gone.  My sister recently mentioned that she was glad we were home, and I had forgotten that we were away.  How can it feel like we were never gone, but not here long at the same time?

Every single day I am so thankful to live in East Tennessee.  I love it here.  It is our home.  The mountains.  The views.  The trees.  The water.  The people, oh how I missed southern hospitality.  And the food.

So as we begin our 2nd year back in Tennessee, we look forward to all that lies ahead.  Big things for our little family– we are hopeful of this.  And we remember deep friendships formed in another state.  A place where we knew none and felt alone, but through grace we made friends who made us feel at home.  [Y’all come down here and see us, please 🙂  Ok, good!]


42.  Friendships deeply formed that have made a lasting impact on us.

43.  The beauty that is East Tennessee.

44.  Recounting time.  Celebrating milestones.

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