mercies in disguise.

Today is a great day.


A beautiful, clarity-full, great day.


I’ve been struggling with Jack’s returning ear infections and his tubes falling out.  I’ve written about it and about some understanding I’ve had through it.



Here’s the brief summary of what’s happened this go around:

– found out tubes had fallen out when we went in for sick appt 3 weeks ago Monday [turned out he had bronchiolitis at that time]

– follow up appt on Fri of that week found he had a double ear infection

– started antibiotic #1

– no improvement

– went back to pediatrician on Thurs of last week

– left ear looked really bad

– started antibiotic #2

– got worse on Sat night

– went back to our pediatrician yesterday

– ear looks nasty

– got antibiotic shot [super painful]

– start round 3 of oral antibiotics today— our 4th antibiotic for this infection.



This all stinks but really it’s par for the course for us.  Before Jack had tubes our Doc and his nurses always knew why we were there.  And in the past 2 weeks it’s been the same song.  Jack’s ear infections #3-7 took multiple antibiotics each infection to get his ears to clear up.  Our child is a walking antibiotic between all of those and the strong antibiotics he was on in the NICU.  We hate how many we’ve had to give him.  So we super loved the tubes– no ear issues for 5 months.  It was beyond glorious.



I’ve been praying for his little ears to heal.  I’ve been asking God that Jack would feel better.  I’ve been frustrated that he’s only gotten worse.


But here is the glorious part of it all— God knew what He was doing all along.  He always does.  It’s no surprise, but I forget that.  Too often.


So it’s been a long few weeks but we’re full of hope!  Jack is getting tubes again!  And that is an answer to prayers.


Here’s the beauty– if God had healed Jack right off the bat with this infection, we wouldn’t be at this point of getting tubes.  We would have to go through infections again.  Since Jack has been struggling so and in pain and the antibiotics haven’t worked– we get bumped right on up in the tube world.  It is a blessing.  So while I never would have said, make Jack worse so he can be better, God knew exactly what would happen and did it for our best.

Oh it’s so exciting!  I’m singing songs of praise and thanksgiving today.


And a few pictures from our visit with our awesome ENT doc.


Doing a little open and closing to kill time once we got back into an exam room.  The waiting room included several attempted escapes.



I spent a lot of time staring down thinking while Jack played doctor.



Pretty excited about the culture vials.  My future doctor or microbiologist perhaps?



He took this handful, smiled and then deposited them in the trash can.  I’ll probably be paying for those on my bill.



The scale said he weighed 30 pounds.  He was a little concerned about his weight… and that belly.



Big boy likes to sit in the chair by himself.  But by sit, I mean get up and down.  Over.and.over.and.over.and.over.and.over.



And over and over.



A little loungin and readin.  Gotta pass the time somehow.



And then we had a snack.  Good thing Tommy cut some apples up for Jack last night.  And good thing I remembered to grab them.  We’d have been in trouble without those.



We had a great appointment, with good news a comin’.  If all goes well, Jack will have surgery to put tubes back in his ears and to remove his adenoids in about a month.  While we’re certainly not eager for our son to have surgery and to put him under anesthesia, we have weighed the pros and cons here and feel that it is in Jack’s best interest to have this surgery and to have it soon.


ps- that antibiotic shot Jack got yesterday was amazing!  He slept some last night and was mostly back to himself today.  It was so so good to have Jack back!


be thankful:

48.  Antibiotic shots.  While it was more painful for him than any shot he’s ever received, it has paid off big time.  This shot was heaven-sent.


49.  Wise doctors who listen and provide good care.


50.  When Jack makes people smile and laugh everywhere we go.  It brightens my heart and I’m pretty sure brings joy to them, too.


51.  The large number of kisses Jack gives to us each day.  He is so sweet and full of love, and sometimes I want to cry and laugh at the same time when I think about his sweet kissing face and the noise he makes.


52.  The way Jack says mama…  “muummma” makes me melt.  every.time.


53.  Extended family time from late nights together.  A blessing that comes from sleepless nights.



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