when it rains it pours.

Things always seem to hit at once, don’t they?  A little shower turns into a downpour.

I’m a planner.  I make my plans- which means they’re set in stone- and I don’t do well when things change.  Our whole long 4-day [Veteran’s Day, plus Tommy took Friday off] family weekend was full of change of plans.

I didn’t get out of work in time on Friday for family fun night, so we had to cancel that one.  Saturday night Jack got much worse from his ear infection so there was little sleep.  Sunday morning Tommy got called in to work and had to go back yesterday, too.  Jack didn’t go to bed until 4:30 am Sunday night, or Monday morning.  All of these things are fine.  Really, not a big deal [except Jack feeling worse] but I let them add up.  The change of plans, plus a few other things we’re dealing with, become magnified by sleep deprivation.  It’s funny because something that’s not too big of a deal becomes huge in the presence of tiredness.  Plus– I get grumpy.

Busy weeks look daunting when you realize you probably won’t get much sleep.  Challenging tasks, that were welcomed, become overwhelming.  A dirty house becomes unmanageable.

To-do lists change.

And it all adds up to feeling like a downpour.

But the good thing about getting stuck in a rainshower, is that it allows us to see God’s grace in a big way.  It gives way to surrendering on our part and glad acceptance of the grace that washes over us.

45.  Thankful for this reminder.

46.  For downright rainy days, even when they’re hard.

47.  For the reminder of God’s grace that comes in the midst of the hard rainfall.

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