yum yum yum.

It’s been awhile since I posted a recipe and this is one I had to share.


First of all, nothing Pioneer Woman does is wrong.  Every recipe I have ever tried of hers is out of this world.  So when I saw this one the other day I was looking forward to it.



This turned out so good.  Try it.  Try it now.


It was even worth the having to start over when my clumsiness ruined the first try.  I dropped the plate of chicken on the floor.  Raw chicken everywhere.  My nightmare.  It was already 6:45– we usually eat dinner super early– Jack had dinner one already.  But Tommy came in and cleaned up the kitchen while I regrouped on the couch, and then I went back in, got the chicken for tomorrow night’s dinner out of the fridge and started over.  And it was so worth it.


I’m not even a huge mustard person but loved this.






Find the recipe here.



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