catching up.

Lesson learned.  Don’t write this post talking about how when it rains it pours.  Just don’t.  Because then, more will happen and life will get harder right after you write that post.


You’ll have 2 cars with problems and one very sick kid.  Jack’s had an ear infection sandwich served up on 2 slices of bronchiolitis bread.  This is the worst analogy ever [Tommy and I came up with it sitting at the pediatrician’s office.  Clearly we need sleep.]  All that to say, Jack-a-baby has bronchiolitis again– which makes for twice in four weeks with a never-ending ear infection sandwiched in between and still going on.  Fun.


That’s all I have to say about that.  What I am going to do is catch up on the past few days/weeks in pictures.  Because that’s my favorite way of telling stories.


I wanted to kiss these cheeks so hard and not come up for air.  But I left him alone because it was the only sleep he’d had in about 18 hours.




Sleep’s been happening in unusual places lately…








He never sleeps in his carseat.  Ever.  It’s happened 3 days in a row.  We’ll take sleep any way we can get it at this point.




Jack has slept in his crib in his room every night since  he was 10 months old.  Before that, we had issues, but since then he loves to sleep and spread out in his bed.  A few times I’ve missed cuddling with him and tried to get him to sleep with me.  Nope.  But this sickness has changed his ways.  We put him in our bed and this was the set up.  He slept horizontally.  Feet in my face all.night.long.  But by all night I mean like 2-6.  At least I had the feet.  Tommy had the head and jimmy arms.  Poor guy.




But if I’m gonna have feet in my face all night, at least they’re these precious feet.




There’s been lots of ear pulling and painful screams.  Lots.




The last few weeks have forced me to slow down.  We’ve had many more cuddle sessions than our busy boy usually allows.  I won’t complain about that.  But we still have to keep up with our busy social lives — both of us apparently.





More cuddles.  PS — see that chair in the background?  It’s out in the garage getting a makeover along with it’s 5 brothers and sisters.  Woohoo!





My drink, Jack’s drink.  There have been several peppermint mochas needed to get through the long days.




This one turned out so fuzzy but I love it!  We took Jack back to the doc today and he had fallen asleep in the car on the way there.  So Tommy got him out and he kept sleeping.  This has literally never happened.




I came home from work yesterday to find these 2 like this.  At 530.  Bless ’em.


Based on all of these pictures it looks like we’ve been getting a lot of sleep.  Don’t be deceived.  It’s just been such a rare gift to come by, that I seem to whip my phone out and take a picture each time.


*Also, please forgive my typos and lack of sense.  Brain is not working well.


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