fantasy of trees.

I LOVE the Fantasy of Trees.  If you aren’t from Knoxville, the Fantasy of Trees is an annual fundraising event where all the proceeds go to benefit Children’s Hospital of East Tennessee.  They do amazing things at the hospital.  The hospital staff, volunteers, and Fantasy volunteers do an amazing job putting everything together.  This is a huge event!  It happens on Thanksgiving weekend every year.  There are trees decorated everywhere.  Gingerbread houses that will blow you away.  A merry go round.  Santa.  Live entertainment.  And tons of cute little booths where kids can do fun things like get this face painted or pick out a Christmas present for mom and dad with the help of an elf.  Jack made a thumbprint ornament for our Christmas tree.  Things like that.


I’ve not been able to go the last few years, so this year I was pumped!  My mom, sister, Jack and me went Saturday morning.  Here are the highlights…



Waiting in line for Santa.  Getting there early on Saturday morning paid off!  We didn’t have to wait in much of a line at all.




Someone was a little afraid of Santa.  It’s ok, maybe next year, buddy!




Aunt Lindsay volunteered to take Jack on his first Carousel ride.  Who looks more excited in this picture?




I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture.




And after the first ride, he demanded to go again.  So they road it again.




Little man did not feel good.  I don’t think I have a single picture where he’s laying on me like this– except for before he had neck muscles to hold his head up.  I treasure this picture.  Sad for him that he didn’t feel good, but happy for me that he wanted to lean on me.




And some pictures before we left the fantasy.







Another great trip!  And Jack may have made a Christmas present or 2 while we were there!  And not the dirty diaper kind.




2 thoughts on “fantasy of trees.

  1. Whitney, I’m so excited to hear that! Wasn’t it so much more fun with a little one? I think next year will be even more fun– or crazy?? Would love to catch up with you some time when you’re in Knoxville if you have any extra time!

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