december is here.

Happy December dear friends!

It’s here.  The most wonderful time of the year.  This year I’ve been trying to plan ahead so that I might be most intentional this Christmas season.  Usually, I have the best of intentions, but before I know it, it’s December 20th and I’ve not done much of anything that I had wanted to.  With this time of year being so busy it’ is easy to get so caught up in everything.  I started by slowly welcoming the season’s celebrations this year.

  • I lifted my ban on Christmas music before Thanksgiving and started listening to the fine tunes on November 1st.
  • I planned out my Christmas decor so that after Thanksgiving was over I would be ready to bring it all out.
  • I was ready to order my Christmas cards right after Thanksgiving this year.  That way I got to take advantage of Cyber Monday sales AND they arrived today.  Now the fun of addressing them begins.

By doing these things I feel like I was able to get my heart prepared for the celebrating of the season ahead of time.  I’m so thankful, because there have been years past where it was mid-December and I just wasn’t feeling that Christmas spirit.

This year we have also decided on an Advent devotional to do as a family.  Jack really enjoyed day 1, let me tell you.  It may have been timed poorly, being too close to bed time, so while we read, he stood and banged at the door crying to be let out of the bonus room.

Side note:  talking about before Creation, the devotional said to close your eyes and imagine nothing.  Nothing existing.  Only silence and darkness.  And in that moment of toddler-screaming pandemonium, I’ve gotta admit, it sounded mighty nice.  That might not have been the feelings the author was trying to stir up.

Side note 2:  I would take my screaming toddler over silence and darkness any day.  Just in case there were any questions on that.

He’s my favorite.

Jack after first day of preschool

Right now I’m working on a list of the things we get to do this Christmas season.  Special treats, moments of family bonding time, serving others.  All blessings.  I want to honor this time and make the most of it, but I don’t want to over-extend either.  It’s always a balance, right?  The planning is key, I’ve learned, otherwise you will find me sitting on the couch watching Parenthood and deciding we’ll “go do that” “tomorrow”.

Can you believe the first day of December is already over?  Oh it’s going by so fast.

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