why i love chickfila.

We’re Chick-fil-a fans in this family.  Tommy loves the chicken.  I love that they take extra precautions not to cross-contaminate food that is allergenic to some people, including me.  I love that I can eat their ice cream and drink their milkshakes because it’s all nut free.  Jack loves the food, too.  The service is always great.  There’s no denying it– Chickfila is great.

The other day I had an experience that confirmed what I already knew about this awesome place.

Tuesday morning I took Jack to our pediatrician for our 2 week ear re-check [at which point we would hope the ears would be healed— I think you know where this is going].  I knew his weren’t, but it was discouraging to hear it.  It was discouraging that not only was the left ear still infected but that his right ear was also infected.  Our pediatrician said we needed to do 3 days in a row of antibiotic shots in the office.  So painful for Jack.  So we got his shot, waited around 20 minutes and took off.  He fell asleep in the car, so like usual lately, I kept on driving.  I ended up at Chickfila.  I was so so thirsty so I got a large Coke [I know, I’m an awesome dietitian].  And a side salad.  I drank my drink so fast and really wanted more but couldn’t get out of the car to go in and get a refill.  So back through the drive-thru line I drove my crazy self.  Upon asking for another coke, and the realization that I had just been there, the girl said I did not need to buy another one but they couldn’t do refills through the drive thru.  So she asked me to pull up and she’d have someone come take care of me.  They sent someone out to my car to get my drink, go in and refill it, and bring it back to me.  I was blown away.  It was beyond above and beyond and made my day at a time where a simple gesture meant the world.

I’m so thankful for kind gestures from strangers.  That woman may not know just how much it meant to me on that particular day to be served like that.  But it ripped me up in great ways.  It left me thinking about the many small gestures I could do for others, and as this Season of Hope is upon us, that is what I will keep my eyes open for.  For opportunities to show others love in little ways.

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