a year and a half.

Each month, I get all sentimental on the 25th and start saying, this time ___ months ago, we were in the hospital having Jack and telling Jack all about his big debut.  I forgot to do that this past month.  And seeing how it was him being a year and a half you would think it’d be the one I got really excited about.  Apparently I don’t work normal.


But I am really excited for him.  He’s so fun right now.  Such a character.  And he has developed and continues to develop the funniest little personality.  I call him my little buddy, and he really is.  I love having him by my side as I do chores around the house, work on projects, and especially when I do errands.  He is undoubtedly the most charming member of this family, so he’s quite fun to be out-and-about with.
The ladies love his hair and his eyes.  I don’t disagree.


Some of his highlights these days…


Favorite words:




DC [for Casey, Tommy’s parents’ dog]

Yaya [for lights]

Yada [for Lady, our dog]


Buckle [car seat, grocery cart.  He’s safety first like his Dada]


Just this month he has gotten really good at repeating words that we ask him to say.  His vocabulary is expanding.



Favorite phrases:

I go

Go, go, go



Favorite things to do: 

Play outside!

Play with the dogs

Watch big kids play on our street


Watching Praise Baby or Sesame Street or Daniel Tiger

Going to school

Doing arts and crafts



He’s just started to pitch fits.  I think part of it is frustration that he’s in pain and can’t hear as well, but I’m sure the fits will continue even after his surgery.  It is hilarious when he pitches his fits though.  He clenches his fists and shakes them.  He makes an angry face.  But lately, the most entertaining to me, is that he’ll just lay down.  Wherever he is.  And he’ll either lay perfectly still there or he’ll roll back and forth.  And he’ll stay there for quite awhile too.  Honestly, he calms himself down doing it, and I enjoy watching it, so we’re good for now.  That’s probably not the best parenting…


His smile lights up our lives.  He’s big round cheeks are heart-melting and very kissable.  We’re crazy for this kid.







How could you not be?

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