surgery is done.

Thank you for your prayers for our sweet Jack over the last many weeks!  It means so much to us to know we’ve had so many people thinking about him and us and praying on our behalf.  Yesterday Jack had surgery to place new tubes in his ears and he had an adenoidectomy.  The surgeon removed the old tubes that had fallen out, placed the new ones, and took out little man’s adenoids.  And it all went great!  He said he really hopes these tubes stay in longer.  He said the average length of time for them to stay in is 9-15 months, and Jack’s only stayed in for 5 months the first go around.  5 glorious months though!  So he wished us extra luck for tubes that stay put.  We pray for that, too.  He also said that Jack’s adenoids were huge!  He said it should help a lot with nasal congestion, snoring, and ear infections.  He asked us if Jack snored.  Jack snores like an old man.  And he has for as long as I can remember.  He was my little newborn who sawed logs in his sleep.  So loud.  I can’t imagine him not snoring every night.  But I’m so glad it will help him.


On to the pictures.  [Warning: you will be so tired of sleepy/surgery baby pictures after this post]




Lots of pre-op activity.  But once the happy juice hit, this kid didn’t mind one bit.  He was totally limp in my arms.  And I think he is too precious in this little hospital gown.  I loved it the first time, I loved it the second.  I hope he never has to wear it a 3rd.











Post-op in recovery.  This is me saying to Tommy “do you believe this??”  This kid who is always go-go-go was so chilled.  He would open his eyes and they’d flutter shut.  He would say a word in his precious oh-so-hoarse voice and then fall right back asleep.  I think I was just  so surprised because it wasn’t like this after he had just the tubes in May.  But this procedure was, obviously, more complicated than the first time and also required more from anesthesia.  I was just happy he wasn’t on oxygen!  In pre-op the anesthesiologist [who was awesome!] warned us that he could be on oxygen afterwards since he’s had some lung issues recently.  She said sometimes they don’t go quite as smoothly from the breathing tube to room air transition, so don’t be surprised.  Thankfully, Jack did great and didn’t need it!











And I enjoyed every moment of snuggling.  Also, their rocking chair was so comfortable!  Must find a chair like that for Baby 2’s room.





He was thirsty but sleepiness would win over and that juice would pop out of his mouth every time.  Then his eyes would flutter open and he’d try again.  Sometimes stopping to show us that his finger was a light.





Then he woke up and wanted his Dada.  And again, quickly went from this…





to this.  And while this may seem like a lot of pictures of the same thing over and over, I have about 2 dozen more on my phone.  I  And was meanwhile, eating up what the recovery nurse was saying about how Jack would probably sleep a lot and not to wake him if he slept longer than usual.  I was thinking we had a great day of snuggling and cuddling ahead of us!






He was like that the car ride home, too, so we brought him in and came straight to bed thinking we might all nap together.  Jack had no intentions of napping.  I think he wanted to – maybe? – but couldn’t.  It was like that sleepy child at the hospital disappeared and we had a wild, post-anesthesia, on pain meds, child on our hands.  After talking to my dad [the pharmacist] we concluded that the pain medication had the opposite effect on Jack.  It still seemed to help with his pain, which was most important, but it did not make him sleep.  I’d be out for days with a pill of that stuff… this child on the other hand, it was like we’d given him speed.  It was rough for 1, because I hardly slept at all the night before so I really wanted that nap, and B because he was tired and worn out and loopey and off-balance but just couldn’t sleep.  So he bounced from toy to toy and walked side ways and tried to climb for hours.




This was about 20 minutes after we got home.  He wanted to walk around in my boots.  He was so goofy.




Later he did nap, we all did, for about an hour and a half.  And then he was up and running again.  He did great yesterday.  Not his usual self, of course, but really good considering he’d had surgery.  He also ate A LOT.  Soft foods only.  But he took them down.



Again, we are so thankful for your support and are so thankful that surgery day has come and gone!

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