the miracle of modern medicine.

There are parents who co-sleep, there are parents who are adamant about kids sleeping their owns beds.  To each his own.  Whatever you do is fine.  We’ve done both.  I’ve never liked Jack sleeping in our bed, but it’s been the easier option a lot.  He didn’t sleep well as a newborn unless he was held.  Enter, our bed.  He has never slept well when he’s had ear problems.  11 ear infections in his 18 months of life [that’s with a 5 month infection-free window of tubes in there] meant lots of not sleeping well.  Enter, our bed.  But while he had those tubes in, buddy, you better believe he slept in his room, in his bed, and we ALL slept good.

It didn’t come easy.  We had to do the whole crying thing.  Sometimes I talk to moms who think I must have an easy sleeper– not the case.  We had to earn that [and get tubes] but it was so worth it.  The last 7 weeks Jack has been sick, and up until yesterday he had at least one ear if not both infected for six straight weeks.  So he’s been sleeping in our bed all that time.  When I share that with people, some people express that I use his sickness or ears as an excuse.  It’s irritating when I get this reaction, but I don’t let it bother me because he really is in pain or uncomfortable and needs us there.  I tell them that while I love a good snuggle, I really like having my own bed and this is a need that our little guy has right now.  A real need, not made up.

So yesterday, the day after surgery, it was nap time, so I tried getting him to sleep in our bed but he wasn’t going for it.  So I asked him if he wanted to sleep in his bed.  We walked upstairs, turned on his music, got his pacis and lovey, I gave him a kiss, laid him down and walked out the door.  He slept in his crib for 2 and a half hours.  This is a miracle to us.  I know there are bigger needs and miracles out there, I’m not trying to be dramatic.  But I don’t want to minimize this.  It’s huge for us.  And to me, just reminds me of the miracle of modern medicine.  My sons ears have hurt him for almost 7 weeks straight, and the day after he gets relief, he can sleep fine just like he used to.  Miracle.

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