a slight set-back.

Recovery was going well, as well as to be expected.  Little man ate and drank a bunch on the day of surgery, but Tuesday and Wednesday he hardly ate a thing and it took all our efforts to get liquids in him.  Wednesday evening the little man came down with a fever, which climbed up to that magic number they said to “call if your child gets this”.  Little man spent an hour and a half straight sitting in his Daddy’s lap watching a movie with us.  This has never happened.  Ever.  So we were worried, but he was tired and we put him to bed.  A few hours later he woke up screaming and I found him sitting in his crib covered in vomit and burning up.  That magic fever number had been hit, so I called the doctor’s office at 12:50 am.  Bless that Dr. who called me back at 1 am.  I know it’s part of his job, but part of your job or not, no one wants to be woken up at 1 am by a freaked out mom.


sick boy



This morning his fever is down to 101.2.  You know it’s a bad day when you’re happy to see a fever get down to 101.  So we’re having a sick day over here.  Lots of cuddling [I’m not complaining], plenty of meds, and not very much drinking of fluids.  But plenty of TRYING to get a certain little boy to drink up.  It’s hard to know whether it’s surgery related or whether the little guy is just that unlucky to catch a virus while recovering from surgery.  Either way, prayers are appreciated!


sick day


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