a year.

I LOVE remembering where we’ve been and comparing it to where we are.  I used to think I was weird, but now I think it’s a good thing.  I think it’s so important to remember where we’ve been, to appreciate it, to enjoy where we are now, and to be thankful.  And oh, so thankful we are.







We had just moved to Knoxville & were adjusting to our new life



We’ve lived here for 13 months & are well-adjusted Tennesseeans.


Living with my parents



Have our own, beautiful home.


So hopeful and maybe desperate for our Maryland house to sell



The Maryland house is something only in our past now.  We talk about it some, and I still struggle with some regrets about the whole sale of it, but we are so thankful to not have to worry about it.



Tommy was in a brand new job



He’s no longer new to the job.


Had a new [to us] car



We like the car but now it’s got “love marks” – stains, scratches, dirt, and probably some milk, juice, and definitely crumbs.


Had just come off of Jack’s 2nd ear infection


Are recovering from Jack’s 2nd surgery to put tubes in.  11 ear infections, and 16 antibiotics later.  He’s also a little lighter now that he’s missing [or not at all missing] his huge adenoids.



Were so joyful to spend Christmas with our families here…  and LIVING here!



Still so joyful and excited about spending Christmas here with our family.  And about living here!


I was no longer working at all



I have a relatively new PRN job that is a good fit for our family.


Missing friends we’d left in Maryland



Still miss those friends.


Expectant and impatient about our next house



Enjoying sitting in our home as I type this.  Feels good to be settled.  Hopefully for awhile.


We didn’t pick out a Christmas tree  [Mom uses an artificial one at her house] & I didn’t decorate for Christmas [Mom did… I don’t think I helped, probably should have since we were living there]



Got back to our tradition of picking out a Christmas tree.  And we picked out the greatest-fattest-short-tree-of-all-time. Got to decorate our home for Christmas this year.  We got to put up new lights outside and find new places for our decorations throughout the house.  I love the warmth that Christmas decorations bring to a house.



Were a happy little family of 3 [plus 2 dogs]



Are so excited to have a 4th member of our crew next year! [plus 2 dogs]



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