sleeping with a toddler.

I mentioned before that we shared our bed with Jack for the past 7 weeks while he’s been sick/had the never ending ear infections.  Then I shared that the day after surgery he happily went back to his own bed.  He’s been there most nights, except for 2 when he destroyed his bed for the night by eliminating all solids and liquids from his GI tract right in his bed — if you know what I mean.


Anyway, I found this post the other day, and I was cracking up reading it.  I couldn’t wait to share it with Tommy, and then we laughed and laughed about which ones were the worst.  What parent wouldn’t appreciate this?


toddler sleepingvia

1.  Jack gets us both with the roundhouse kick.  I hate getting kicked in the neck or face during the night.  Call me crazy.

2.  The neck scarf really just happens to Tommy.  I’ve woken up during the night several times to see them like that, and I have no clue how Tommy’s sleeping.  And then I fall back asleep thankful Jack’s on his side.

3.  Snow angels, jazz hands, and I’m not speaking to you all make for a fit full night’s sleep, but I’d take them over getting kicked in the face any day.

4.  The H one makes me laugh so hard because this is what we get a lot of.  I wake up in the morning and am like I had 2 inches of bed and Tommy says the same thing.  What makes a toddler think it’s ok to sleep horizontally when sharing a bed with 2 other people??  Come on!

5.  The booby trap and the dog house have gotten Tommy many a night.  I actually think he finds it relieving though, because then he gets the couch or guest bed all to himself.

6.  And last but not least the stalker.  I woke up one time with Jack sitting there staring at me.  Freaked me out so much.  I had no idea what he was planning but I was on my toes all day long.

*There are some sweet, sweet moments getting to sleep with our little man.  I love those.  But I also love a good night’s sleep and this chart is just all too true.

Here’s to a good night’s sleep!

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