the wrong reasons.

Working out is not our strongest suit in this house.  Tommy and I both like physical activity, like being in shape, all that good stuff.  But the actual every day getting something done doesn’t happen as often as we like.  Tommy’s favorite way to exercise is to play hockey, and since he doesn’t have a lot of time for that, it’s not been happening much.  I love to work out, but I’ve come up with some pretty good excuses for skipping out on the exercise.

My best one to date happened yesterday.  I couldn’t go to the gym because there was a mouse in my garage.

I dropped Jack off at preschool for the first time in a couple of weeks and wanted to take advantage of the free time.  So I came home, changed into workout clothes, and opened the door to the garage to get my tennis shoes.  Then I saw the mouse run down the stairs.  I was horrified.  I have a fear of mice.  Especially after we had an infestation in our house in Maryland.

So I slammed the door shut.  And realized my plans were changing.  I changed back into my other clothes, pulled my boots on, and am not going to the gym today.  And from here on out I’ll probably keep my tennis shoes in my closet.

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