a little update.

This week’s gone by so fast!  On Tuesday I was saying “is it Friday yet??”  and today I’m sitting here thinking how can it be so close to Christmas already?


Here are 10 things going on around here:

1.  The mouse situation.  I appreciate all deep concern for me over the mouse I saw in the garage.  We have a pest control service that comes quarterly, so I called them and they set some stuff out in the garage and crawl space to help with that problem.  I’m feeling better about it.  Here’s to hoping I NEVER see one in the house.


2.  Jack is on the mend!  Eleven days post-op and he’s still running a low-grade fever, but his smiles and giggles are back and while the general fussiness/whining is still hanging around, it’s with much less frequency and intensity.  So very thankful!  It’s good to see him back again.  We missed him.  Thank you to everyone for thinking about us, asking about him, and your prayers.  So very much appreciated!


3.  My sweet friend got to adopt her baby boy on Wednesday, and my heart has been so filled with joy for them.  Can you imagine a better Christmas present?


4.  I’ve been doing some baking but nothing hardcore.  I got the urge to make cookies and decorate them, but I’ve yet to do it.  I need some helpers for a task like that.


5.  I LOVE Christmas cards.  LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  I love thinking about our perfect card, addressing them while watching Christmas movies, sending them out, and then checking the mail every day with excitement for what I’ll find.  I put the cards we get up on the walls.  I have every year that we’ve been married, and it makes me so happy!  I love how it brightens up my home.  I love seeing faces and reminders of ones we love around the room.  And I love that when friends and family are over they can look through cards, too.  There are few things in life greater than a Christmas card to me.


6.  I got a pie from work.  How nice is that?  I like my job.  And not just for the pie.


7.  Online shopping.  I’m all about it.  I order most things in our life from Amazon anyway, so why should Christmas be different?  I never pay for shipping.  I get it within 2 days, and I don’t have to leave the house and fight the crowds.  Yes, please!  I’ve noticed a lot of places doing specials and free shipping, too, so I have been taking advantage!


8.  It’s so weird thinking about what Christmas was like two years ago.  I guess it will always be like that with kids.  Two years ago I worked Christmas, so we stayed in Maryland.  We had Christmas dinner with our dear friends and their family, and then had our family come up to visit after Christmas and stay for New Years.  The crazy part– Jack wasn’t here yet.  I forget a lot that there was life before him.


9.  Christmas lights.  What are your thoughts?  Do you put them up?  Do you enjoy looking at them?  Does it matter to you either way?  I love them!  It’s just another way to brighten things up, I think.  I really appreciate the houses that go all out.  I’ve been so impressed with our neighborhood.  There’s a lot of Christmas spirit around.  We have yet to drive around to see any big displays.  This weekend I guess.


10.  The dogs got a new bed.  It’s their Christmas present.  They are in heaven.  Especially Lady.  They also got groomed this week which is great for all of us.  They get pretty gross being mostly outside dogs.  After they come back from the groomers they spend a lot of time in the house with us.  It’s always nice to have them around a little more.  And then I remember why we generally don’t let them wander through the house — they’re huge, not gentle, not well behaved [our fault], and get really dirty playing outside.  Oh and Eli sheds like crazy.  So we go back to life as usual after a few days of togetherness.  They were meant to be outside.  They love it!  They keep up with everything and can wrestle and play all day.  Then they come in and cozy up in the evenings.  Win-win.



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