little hands.

I’ve been obsessed with these hands for a long time.





Almost 19 months.


Lately Jack has been really interested in his handprint and footprint hanging on the wall in his room.  He wants to look at them and is very interested in hearing about them.  He was a month old when we did that.


Now his hands are so much bigger.  But every now and then I’ll catch a picture like by accident, and it makes my heart stop for a brief moment.  Seeing his little hand in this picture reminds me that he is still little.  And I’m so thankful for that.





We spend a lot of our day talking about what a big boy he is and how helpful he is, and being amazed at all of the things he’s learning.  He is so big now, getting to be such a little boy and not at all a baby.  And especially as we shift our thinking to preparing for another little baby in our lives, it’s easy for me to get caught up and forget the little guy that he is still.  I love his growing independence, his desire to learn, his running/climbing/bouncing, but I particularly love that he’s still little and he still needs his mama.  I’m thankful for the little hands and little moments that remind me of just that.

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