the 26th.

Y’all, I’m so sad Christmas is over.  This year I truly tried to take in every ounce of the season, every moment, every preparation, every bit of togetherness.  And it was wonderful and all built up to this amazing Christmas day.  And the day, it happened so fast and was over just like that.  A day of fullness and love.  As Christmas day came to an end I found myself sad for it to be over.  Sad to wait another year to celebrate this again.  Good thing I have Ann Voskamp to remind me that Christmas is not over, but is every day now that Christ is come.


Today was a great, very relaxing day.  I got to spend the whole day at my parents, and it was so nice.  Tommy had to work, so we missed his company, but I was so thankful to get to spend so much time with my mom and dad and sister and brother.  Jack LOVED the company.  He loves his family so much, and I loved having the help of family all day.  I got to relax a lot.


Jack spent 3/4 of the day cruising around in his new Cozy Coupe.  It was raining outside all day yesterday and today.  And cold, too.  So Jack got a pretty good racetrack going around the living room, hallway, kitchen, and dining room.  He didn’t mind the rain.  We did get some snow flurries today!  I’ll take what I can get.  It’s always exciting to watch for snow.


day after Christmas crazy coupe




I spent the whole day in my Christmas pajama pants and Christmas socks.  It was glorious.


day after Christmas




And tonight, I lay snuggled up on my couch with the amazing new blanket I got from my parents.


day after Christmas blanket



Today has been cozy, slow paced, and perfect.  Nothing better than spending relaxed time with the family.  So because I can’t quite let it go, I tell you again, on the day after Christmas, Merry Christmas!



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