nutrition tips for these holiday days.

We have had so much wonderful food over the past several days.  We’ve had favorite treats, sweet desserts, full meals, and incredible dishes all around.  We are so blessed.  I realized as I opened my fridge on Sunday night and I had no room to put anything, that we have these incredible blessings including so much food that most of the world doesn’t have.  So before I get into the dietitian-y things, I wanted to share that.  How blessed we are.  Beyond measure.  And I pray we don’t take that lightly.


Now on to the nutrition…


I have stuffed myself full for days.  It’s been awesome.  But I’ve reached that point where I feel full.  Maybe the fact that I had my coffee this morning with a big handful of Dove chocolate.  So I’m at that point where I know change is coming, but I’m not ready for it yet.  I still want to enjoy the rest of the delicious food and keep on celebrating.  In the meantime, until the rest of the holiday season passes, I’m trying to follow a few easy tips to keep some healthy stuff in my daily diet.


1.  Make at least one snack a day vegetables.

My morning snack today was carrot sticks with some ranch dressing.  Now when I snack on party mix or candy this afternoon, I will know that I got some veggies in earlier.


2.  Choose vegetable side dishes with your meal.

When the big meals or leftovers are served, go heavy on the vegetable side dishes.  Try to keep the macaroni and cheese and mashed potato servings to a minimum, and bulk up on the sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots.


3.  Keep drinking water.

Drinking water all day long will keep you hydrated as well as help keep you from nibbling all day long.  Keep water on you throughout the day and you’ll be drinking it more than popping little treats in your mouth.



Easy enough, right?

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