one step down.

First off, we are so blessed.  Our hearts are grateful.  Thank you for every kind word, prayer, thought, and act of kindness to us.  It means more than we could ever say.  Knowing that so many people are praying for Gabriel and for us is so encouraging.  I’m so thankful for all the love for this little guy.


We had our amniocentesis this afternoon and everything went really well.  I am so relieved.  I had been really nervous about it.  Not the procedure itself, I’m not afraid of needles or anything, but of the risk.  The risk of it causing a miscarriage is about 0.5%.  In life I’m not a huge risk taker, but I would never think twice about such a small risk.  But now, we feel so vulnerable to risk.  The chance of having a baby with trisomy 18 is like 0.0004% or something like that, so to me a 0.5% risk looks a lot bigger than it did last week.  We knew the pros of having this done outweigh the risks, but I was terrified.


Tommy and I talked about random stuff on the way there– just trying to think about anything else but how nervous we were.   As soon as they called us back I felt so at ease.  The ultrasound tech was so kind and warm.  And then our perinatologist came in and gave me a big hug and a kiss and was again, so kind to us.  I was totally at ease.  On top of that, the other perinatologist in the group is a family friend, so he came in right as the procedure started and kept us company, too.  He is so kind to us and is going to take great care of us and our baby boy.  He told us to call him any time and made us feel so great.  We are so blessed that we had both doctors with us and to have doctors who truly care about us.


The procedure went well.  Tommy accidentally caught a glimpse of the needle so that proved to be rough for him.  The worst part for me was getting the Rhogam shot afterwards since I have a negative blood type.  I am still hurting from that.  You’d think the big needle would have been worse.


Gabriel is quite a fighter.  We first saw it at our 20 week ultrasound as he took a swing at the ultrasound lady after she’d been poking on him.  We saw it the next day at the perinatal center when he moved around so much and put up quite a stubborn battle.  That sounds like our child.  Today I was happy to see him kickin’ those arms and legs again.  Something about his clenched fists just makes him looks like he’s ready to fight.  I’m thankful for that.  Hopeful that he will continue to fight and grow, grow, grow.


We should find out the results from the amnio in 10-14 days.  I’m thankful that it won’t be an agonizing wait since we are pretty certain of what the results will be.  But it will allow for certainty in the decisions we make about his care.  And it will give us some valuable information as well.  I know the only reason the amnio went so well is thanks to God.  I’m so thankful for all of your prayers!   That is our update for now.  Thank you for loving our family.




That gloriously strong heart beat up there was so encouraging to see today!  So thankful for every heart beat.

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