21 weeks.

We’re 21 weeks guys!  21 weeks.  I never thought I’d be so grateful to see 21 weeks.  We had a scare at 20 weeks and 6 days, but are all good.  And we hit 21 weeks on Sunday.


Thankful for every day.



It has rained here for days.  Most of 2013 has been rainy.  It’s fitting, I feel.  But I hate it.  On one hand it seems right for the skies to pour open and just keep raining.  On the other, it’s so depressing.


Saturday was a breath of fresh air.  It rained some, but it was warm.  I think it might have hit 70.  So warm.  And the sun even came out for a little while.  We opened every window in our house.  And as I sat on the couch [I was ordered to rest!] and the wind blew in, it was so refreshing.  It felt like life was blowing in.  And I needed that.  I needed it in the worst way.  So I’m thankful for Saturday.  And I’m thankful for the rain that keeps pouring out along with my heart.


jan2013 257


Thankful we were able to go for a walk out in the sunshine on Saturday.  So good for my soul.


jan2013 262




So happy 21 weeks!

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