preparing a room.

For several weeks now we’ve started thinking about getting our nursery ready.  We have been planning to make the guest room the nursery.  I want to keep the guest bed in there for guests but also for us to be sleeping in in the early newborn days as well.  A couple of weekends ago my brother and sister came over and helped Tommy move the rest of the furniture that was in the guest room down to our bedroom.  We didn’t have a proper dresser/chest set in our room, so it worked out well.


Other than that the room is a disaster.  Not a suitable guest room.



A collection of junk and stuff that I have thrown in there for a couple of months now.



I’ve been planning to start cleaning it up as soon as I got all of my Christmas put away.


In the midst of learning about Gabriel’s health, I asked Tommy if we were still going to do a nursery.  About 2 minutes after I said it, I realized that of course we would.  It took me a little bit of time and processing to realize how this was going to go.


We don’t want to walk this path.  We wouldn’t choose this.  But if we’re going to walk this path, then we’re going to give it everything we’ve got.   



And that means making a nursery.  That means creating a space in our home that is just for Gabriel.  A space that says “We are waiting for you” and  “Welcome home”.  We need it.  We need to prepare for him.  And we still have hope.  We don’t know what each day holds.  We don’t know how long we have.  We don’t know if we’ll get to meet our baby boy while he has breath in his lungs and his heart is beating.  None of these things are certain.  But we know that we might!  We know God does big things, and we have no idea what He is up to.  How could we limit Him to statistics.  So we will prepare for Gabriel.  We will make his space in our home.

3 thoughts on “preparing a room.

  1. Love your attitude Lauren!! So glad to know that you and Tommy are expecting great things from our Great God!. He does do miracles. Of course you should be getting ready for your new little guy!! He deserves it.

  2. This family is going to love Gabriel so much. And with you and Tommy as parents, he will absolutely know that he is loved.

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