when it keeps on raining.

I said in another post that it has been raining pretty much since we found out about Gabriel’s health conditions.  And I find it fitting.  But today there is a chance that rain could turn to snow, and the thought of that brings me joy.


Last night I was looking at the forecast with the hopeful expectation of an elementary school kid.  I read last night that we have had 7 inches of rain since Sunday, and it has poured ALL DAY LONG today.  I sit here on my couch watching the rain pour down the driveways and down the street.  It’s relentless.  But I am reminded that God is with us in the rain.  He is present, and His greatness is made known through the rain and the sunshine.




So today while it just keeps raining, I am watching, hoping the temperature drops.  Hoping the rain turns to snow, and we will find joy in that.  Jack will love it if it snows.  And Gabriel, he’ll get to see– or experience??– his first snow!





Hope you are staying warm and dry and spending time with loved ones today.




Jack wanted to cuddle up first thing this morning.  And that makes my heart happy.  My sweet boy has learned to snuggle up like the best of us.



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