snow day.

Thursday we got a bit of snow here — a lot by Knoxville standards.  I think we had a whopping inch or inch and a half at our house, and I was so thankful for it.  We had the best time getting out in it and playing.  It was a nice break… a change of pace.


This was not the first time Jack’s seen snow, but it’s been over a year since he has, so big difference this time.  Watching him play in the snow was so much fun.  It was like he was discovering a whole new aspect of life, and I loved getting to watch.  At first he was excited, but cautious as he took it in– which is totally his personality.  Before long he was running and yelling, wanting to play with all the big kids on the street.


jan2013 268







jan2013 270

The round cheeks with the red nose… ohh it gets me.




jan2013 280



jan2013 288

There was a lot of water from all the rain we’ve had.  As soon as Jack discovered these puddles, it was all fun splashing.  He couldn’t have cared less how wet and cold he was.  Boys are so fun!  Thankful I’m having another.





3 thoughts on “snow day.

  1. Love the pictures of Jack in the snow! So fun to watch them try to figure out what the white stuff is & then realize how fun it is! So thankful for little boys, also. Thanks for sharing your heart!

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